• Freedom from financial worries related to gadget repairs
  • The plan covers both new and used devices for a year as long as it is purchased within 18 months from the date of purchase
  • If we can't repair it in time, we'll replace it. We’ll bear repair/replacement costs that amount up to the gadget’s invoice value.
  • Go completely cashless. Pay only for the plan and we will take care of repair costs.
  • All genuine manufacturing defects are covered
  • Claim repairs unlimited number of times if you choose the standard or premium plan
  • Repairs are done at brand authorised service centres and by using genuine spare parts only

  • Devices that are not purchased from the UAE will not be covered
  • Refurbished devices
  • Devices that have been serviced before by authorised/unauthorised service centres
  • Malfunction due to regular wear and tear (eg. hinges)
  • Accessories & consumables like filters, trays, etc.

Without Unbreak

Your device goes for a toss

You go through 3 stages of emotions - anger, grief, and then acceptance

You search for a service centre nearby

You get to the service centre

You feel the blues at the service centre

You will have to make constant follow ups with them

You get your device back

End result: You end up spending a lot of time and money

With Unbreak, you go cashless & spend just 5 minutes!

Your device goes for a toss, 'cause ship hattens

Drop your tv at our kiosk

Your tv is repaired/replaced within the promised time and delivered to you!