Life doesn’t have a Rewind button.

Luckily, Unbreak lets you skip back to the moment before your gadget went to ship. Press Play on life’s adventures again. Sign up for a gadget protection plan now.

Immediate coverage

Like a Record button, once you press it, you’re set. Your protection plan is in place immediately after sign-up so your gadget is surely protected up to the last day.

Multiproduct availability

Unbreak protection plans cover different kinds of electronic gadgets, much like an eclectic mixtape. That includes mobiles, laptops, wearables, etc.

Damage protection and more

Unbreak is not just about damage protection. We’ll take care of forced theft and factory defects even after manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed.

Easiest claim process

Check your status and file your claim online and we’ll respond to you right away. If totally unrepairable, you get a replacement phone in as short as 48 hours.

Skip back to the last time your mobile as still working

Here’s how to Unbreak


Check your protection status

Enter your plan number and see whether or not your plan is still active or is eligible for claim.


File an online claim

Once determined active, your next step is to provide necessary information about your device.


Get an evaluation

Unbreak will check on your device and determine if it can be repaired by our service partner, or if you’re better off with a replacement.


Receive your mobile as it was before ship hattened

Get a fully-functioning replacement device as if you hit the rewind button to the point before it broke! Now you’re once again ready to press Play.

We work to make it real!

Who We Are


Unbreak allows you to live your life without pause, without hesitation, without fear that tomorrow your precious electronic gadgets may break or malfunction. When that happens, we Unbreak it down. This way, not only do you keep the rhythm going, but also save money in the long run.

1. Mobile devices

Mobile phones, wearables, tablets

2. Computers

Laptops, desktop computers

3. Gaming consoles

PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

4. Cameras

Canon, GoPro, etc.

Keep Calm and Unbreak Your Device

Sign up with Unbreak today, and forget you were ever scared to break your device. Here at Unbreak, we’re all for working hard and playing harder, so put your life on full blast without worrying about your gadgets.

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